About MR Textiles

Established in 1996, M.R. Textiles, is a first-generation company, which started from a humble beginning and then gradually backed by able manpower and sustained effort, it graduated to the status of a Pan global company with presence in all Major Textile Hubs of India, Bangladesh and USA.

As an established player in the Textiles market, M.R. Textiles is embarking on a strategic journey into the Defence Equipment sector. This move is a testament to our commitment to establishing a robust and responsive defence supply chain—a strategic initiative ensuring reliable & trustworthy support for national-international security endeavours.

Initially, M.R. Textiles began as a Raw Cotton supplier before gradually diversifying into Yarn, Fabric and most recently Finished Garments & Home furnishings . Today, as a company dedicated to quality we cater to all of our customer's needs ranging from fibre to garments all under one roof. We take great honour in being one of the most sought after suppliers of Raw Cotton, Yarn, Fabric, Apparel and Home Textiles in the Indian Corporate and Global sector.

Our ability to source anything from fibre (mainly raw cotton) to yarn to fabric & finished products with competitive pricing and quality is what makes us unique. We are among very few organizations that provide complete textile solution under one roof to our customers.

We regularly provide authentic updates on pricing in the entire textile value chain, currency fluctuation, demand-supply movements, trends in international trade and any other relevant information to assist you in making the right decision for your company.

Our commitment to quality ensures we identify the right partner suitable to your specific requirements. All our offices are equipped with skilled technical teams that evaluate the product range offered/required and ensures the best quality at a competitive price suited to your time frame.

We also help our partners by recommending the most suitable shipping lines/schedules and monitor the container movement right from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery. In addition, we verify each document, follow up on the status and ensure timely delivery.

27+ Years of experience
10+ Countries of Sourcing
45+ Countries of Supply
$450 Million Annual Business
7 Office Locations across the globe