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Our exclusive collection of yarn products include Cotton Yarns, Blended Yarns, Synthetic Yarns and Specialty Yarns. We broadly classify it as under:

  1. Polyester/cotton blends : Count Ne 16–45
  2. 100% Cotton : Count Ne 10–140
  3. Open End Yarn 2’s–30’s count 
  4. 100% Viscose : Count Ne 10–40
  5. Polyester/ Viscose Blends : Count Ne 10–40
  6. 100% Polyester : Count Ne 10–40
  7. Polyester sewing thread : Count Ne 10–60
  8. 100% Acrylic Yarn : Count Ne 10–40
  9. Indigo Dyed Cotton Yarns : Count Ne 6–30
  10.  Modal, Bamboo, Tencel, etc.
  1. Polyester Textured ; 500D–300D
  2. Polyester Flat : 40D–300D
  3. Polyester High Tenacity Yarn : 100D–2500D
  4. Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) : 115D–470D
  5. Nylon Textured : 40D–140D
  6. Nylon Flat : 40D–300D
  7. Nylon High Tenacity Yarn  ; 100D– 2500D
  8. Fancy Yarns/ Industrial Yarns
  9. Spandex 20D–70D
  10. Lurex/ Metallic Yarn
  11. Polypropylene
Since we specialize in cotton yarn products, detailing below the offered varieties:
Cotton yarn has its links and roots in many countries and is produced with premium quality cottons from around the world. These cottons include US Fiber max, PIMA (grade II), Australian, Pakistani, Indian (Shankar, MCU-5), West African (Burkina Faso), Extra-Long-Staple CIS, Brazilian, and Egyptian GIZA (88, 70), etc. We can supply yarn produced with the above listed cotton qualities. A majority of the yarns produced are exported mainly to United States of America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, and many other destinations across the globe. All these diverse export destinations give us a fair insight into the significance of cotton yarns.

1. Ring Spun Carded Yarn:

Ring Spun Carded Yarn or Carded Cotton Yarn is available in coarse as well as fine counts, in single, double and also in three ply. Besides these types, high twist carded yarn is also available. (Ne 4/1 to Ne 80/1 counts are available in Carded Cotton Yarn for hosiery/knitting and weaving.)

2. Ring Spun Combed Yarn:
Ring Spun Combed Yarn is also called Combed Cotton Yarn. It is available in coarse as well as fine counts, in single, double and multi ply. (Ne 6/1 to Ne 200/1 counts are available in Cotton Combed Yarn for hosiery/knitting and weaving.)

3. Cotton Dyed Yarn:
Cotton Dyed Yarn is also supplied by MR Textiles. Our suppliers use state-of-the art machinery for the cotton yarn dyeing process. Dyed yarn is available in single or multi ply. (Ne 6/1 to Ne 100/1 counts are available in Dyed Cotton Yarn for hosiery/knitting and weaving.)

4. Open End Yarn:
Cotton Open End Yarn is widely seen and used in the denim sector, as well as for knitting and weaving. Open End Cotton Yarn has a lot of practical and utility value and is a widely sought after yarn. (Ne 4/1 to Ne 30/1 counts are available in Open End Cotton Yarn.)

Besides the above varieties, MR Textiles, a reputed and known name in the yarn business, have the ability and competence to supply yarn using various spinning yarn technologies such as ring spun, core spun, compact spun and open end yarns. We also deliver TFO and Ring Doubled yarns for knitting and weaving applications; product range includes Ne 20/2 to Ne 120/2.

For a complete range of yarn counts, packaging information, technical specifications, and the most competitive price quotations, please contact us through e-mail or complete our inquiry form.


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MR TEXTILE reports regarding Textile and specially Cotton updates are very informative and highly reliable. We TEX LINK appreciate your reports and with keen interest we study your reports. We are handling Cotton Imports / Exports business and your reports gives us guidelines to asses market moves.
Looking forward for your reports.

Muhammad Awais Tariq.

We sincerely thank “Team MR Textiles” for consistently supplying us unbeatable quality of raw cotton from premiere cotton stations at the best prices. We hope for a long and fruitful co-operation.

-Abhay Gupta
 LGW, Kolkata

The quality yarn supply by your company helped create a strong buyer base for us. We also appreciate your on-time delivery schedules.

Manish Kaushik
Indo-Industries, Mumbai

Thank you so much for sending Cotton Market Bulletin. This report is very useful, interesting and informative.

Best regards

We find your daily Cotton market report very informative and useful. We look forward to receive your Daily Cotton market report.

Best Rgds
Arun Kapoor
Mixwell International
Mumbai - India

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