Our ability to source anything from fiber (mainly raw cotton) to yarn , to fabric, to finished Garments to Home furnishings is what makes us unique. We are among those very few organisations globally that provide complete textile solution under one roof to our customers.

Our commitment to quality ensures we identify the right partner suitable to your specific requirements. Our skilled team evaluates the product range offered/required and ensures the best quality at a competitive price suited to your time frame.

Competitive Price
In-depth market study, anticipation of future price movement and an extensive sourcing network gives M.R. Textiles the advantage to offer you competitive pricing for all your textile needs.

Market Identification
M.R. Textile researches, studies and forecasts trends in various markets providing us with the expertise to be your marketing partner. We can confidently suggest to you not only the best market for your product but also develop a marketing strategy capable of giving your company a leading edge.

Quality Assurance
M.R. Textiles is meticulous in its selection of suppliers based on extensive audits of their plant, product, process and people. We then perform in-depth inline and pre-shipment inspections of all shipments.

Logistics Support/ Traceability/Complete shipment track
M.R. Textiles recommends the most suitable shipping line and monitors container movement right from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery. In addition, we verify each document, follow up on the status and ensure timely delivery.

Market Updates
We regularly provide authentic updates on pricing in the entire textile value chain, currency fluctuation, demand-supply movements, trends in international trade and any other relevant information to assist you in making the right decision for your company.

We facilitate certifications, licenses and hang tags for specialty and branded products.

27+ Years of experience
10+ Countries of Sourcing
45+ Countries of Supply
$450 Million Annual Business
7 Office Locations across the globe