Fabrics: Non Woven

Spun lace Spun bond Needlepunched
Weight 20 to 800 GSM 8 to 1500 GSM 100 to 1000 GSM
Width 1.2 to 5.4 m 1.2 to 5.4 m 2.5 to 7.0 m
Application Wipes, Medical, Surgical, Industrial, Cotton Pads, Coating, Substrates, Clothing Textiles Hygiene, Surgical, Industrial Geosyntheics, Filter Media, Synthetic Leather, Waddings, Floor Coverings, Automotive Fabrics, Insulation, Industrial, Wipes, Blankets And Roofing

27+ Years of experience
10+ Countries of Sourcing
45+ Countries of Supply
$450 Million Annual Business
7 Office Locations across the globe