Fibres: Natural

Animal-based fibres

Fibre Source Attribute
Wool Indian cashmere goat Softness
Silk Silk worm (Bombyx mori) Smooth, strong fabric finish with high shine

Plant-based fibres (cellulosic fibres)

Fibre Source Attribute
Cotton Shrub Lightweight, absorbent
Bamboo Grass pulp Lightweight, pliable fibre
Flax Herbaceous plant Lightweight, absorbent, used to make linen
Hemp Cannabis Strength, durability
Jute Vegetable plant in linden family Strength, durability
Lyocell (Viscose) Eucalyptus Tree Soft, lightweight, absorbent
Modal Beech tree Softness, lightweight

Cotton Fibre Details

Indian Cotton

J-34, Shankar 6, H4, MCU-5, MECH-1, Bunny, Jaydhar, DCH-32, V-797, Suvin, Kalagin

Staple length range 22mm - 38mm

Egyptian Cotton

Giza 86, Giza 89, Giza 90, Giza 45, Giza 70, Giza 87 & Giza 88

Staple length range 33mm - 34mm

USA Cotton

Upland and PIMA cotton and have varieties under different brand name i.e. Deltapine, Americot, Phytogen, BASF-Stoneville, BASF - Fiber max & Phytogen

Staple length range 27mm - 36mm

African Cotton

Mali/Jvlis Raw Cotton, Burkinafaso Raw Cotton, Ivory Coast Raw Cotton, Nigeria Raw Cotton, DCHAD Raw Cotton, Benin, Cameroon, Togo, EAS- Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Staple length range 18mm - 42mm

Pakistan Cotton

FH-114, CIM-598, SITARA-009, A-one, BH-167, MIAD-852, CIM-573, SLH-317, TARZAN-1, NS-141, IR-NIBGE-3, MNH-886, and six non-BT varieties NIBGE ?115, FH-941, FH-942, IR-1524, Ali Akbar-802 and NEELAM-121

Staple length range 13mm - 33 mm

China Cotton

BT Cotton & NON BT Cotton. Eg Xinjiang

Staple length range 28.5mm - 35mm

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