Yarns: Spun

Open End, Ring Spun, Compact, Vortex, Zero Twist, Airjet, Worsted

Types of Yarn
Cotton, PC (Blends), CVC, 100% PET, Acrylic, Nylon, Viscose, Cotton Modal blends, Cotton viscose blends

Count Range
1/5 Ne - 1/140 Ne, Carded, Combed, Compact, Air-rich.

Knitting Yarn, Weaving Yarn, Terry Yarn, Bleached, Low twist, High Twist, Siro Yarn, Jaspe Yarn, Slub Yarn, Dyed Yarn

BCI, GOTS, Fairtrade

Yarns are available in following luster, colour, cross-section and packing:
Luster: Full dull, Semi dull, Bright
Colour: Raw white, Packaged dyed
Cross-section: Circular, Trilobal, Octolobal, Plus
Packing: Cartons, Pallets, Jumbo carton

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