Home Textiles: Blankets

The blankets are available in 3 different categories. These include:

1. Plain:
These are available in different colors. We provide our blankets in a huge array of beautiful colors. From beige, blue, brown, pink, navy blue, mint, to any other color that comes to your mind, you will find that with us.

2. Solid Embossed:
We also provide plain blankets that come with a relative impression of unique embossed designs and patterns on their surface. Embossing adds a bump to the surface of the blanket.

3. Printed: We deliver a wide range of beautiful prints in our blankets. These prints are made by creative designers and experts. New designs and patterns are updated on a daily basis and delivered to the market.

There are blanket double bed with a size measurement of 90*100 cm and single bed blanket single bed with a size measurement of 60*90cm.

The blankets are available in two thickness categories. These include:
(a)Single-ply (b) Double-ply

The blanket single bed weighs between 1.8kg to 3.5 kg. And the weight of a blanket double bed range between 3kg to 6kg.

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